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Support For Pop-ups/Ads

Internet experience is not was it was 10 years ago. Its much faster with a lot more content to explore, on the other hand its almost impossible to surf Internet without getting a lot of pop-ups. What are these pop-ups and why do they keep popping in front of screen.


Internet now is a bigger media than television and that is the major reason all the companies are targeting normal users either by web pop-ups or pre-installed application pop-ups. they are not only responsible for a computers slow performance they are actually a big indication that computer is actually infected with adware, malware and in some cases trojan/Virus too.

Below shown pictures are some of the common fake pop-ups:

Remove pop-ups

Fake anti-virus spyware programs often generate more “alerts” than the software made by reputable companies.
Scammers use high pressure sales tactics to scare customers to buy their services.
Pop-ups are a sign that your computer is vulnerable to virus and trojan’s

Solution for pop-ups and unwanted junk software slowing down the computer


There is no such Antivirus or cleaner software that can completely clean/remove infections from a computer. The reason its not possible is because these unwanted software are using customers internet connection to get updated just like your antivirus. Most of such software uses operating systems loopholes to stay hidden by antivirus or cleaning softwares. Only a human eye with experience and perfect skillset can manually remove such application from its roots. Call 1-800-604-1567 to get a free diagnose. With years of experince and customized tools your computer can be transformed to a whole new faster machine without changing your normal settings and data like pictures, videos and documents.


Complete PC Optimization-

We provide Different  It services and believe in quality driven work. Not only browser a complete computer optimization including your router and Printer as well. we take responsibility of your computers performance and security based on your needs.